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A safe place to heal.

In the entire country there are less than 100 beds dedicates to minors who were victims of human trafficking. That's a very sad number. We are fighting to change that,

because these minors are in constant imminant danger.


No Longer Say GoodBye at 9pm.

Our number one goal is to raise funds to be able to open our exisisting drop-in facilty, The Harbour - Albuquerque 24/7. Right now the facilty is open from 8am to 9pm.

And to have to say goodbye to dozens of at risk kids everyday at 9pm when we know that they will have to spend the night out there where predator await and they have no one to count on, is heartbreaking.

With these funds we will be able to keep the doors of our drop-in facility open 24/7 providing warm meals, hot showers, clean clothes and above all a safe place where they can finally put their guards down, hangout and access help and assistance.




A Place to Call Home.

Human Trafficking is a multi-billion dollars industry. Children are a high value target in this industry. 

Kids that are victim of human trafficking are in danger and need not only help to heal but also protection.

The Harbour Home project will become a home for these children and teens, away from the city center where is more dangerous for them. A place where they can call home and where they can receive all the assistance they need to heal their bodies and their mind from all the traumatic events they have been through.

These kids can't be placed in foster homes as that would put them and their foster families in danger. And authorities have a really hard time finding where to place them because of the lack of beds available for victimis of human trafficking all over the country.


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