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There are less than 500 beds dedicated to homeless youth human trafficking victims in the whole country.

We want to change that. And we can do it. Together.


The Lighthouse is a project to build a recovery home for minors who have been victims of youth human trafficking.

These children and teenagers need special care and a place that can provide them safety and services to help them recover.

A minor who has been a victim of human trafficking can't be placed in the regular foster system due to the high-risk situation that they are in. Often traffickers are still looking to recapture them once they have escaped and that poses a threat to their wellbeing as well as to others if they are placed into group homes or the foster system.

The Lighthouse will be that safe place for them. Designed and supervised by a team of professionals that are pioneers in the rescue and rehabilitation of human trafficking victims. Taking into consideration everything to ensure the safety and the healing of each child.

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The Lighthouse Project is currently trying to raise 950 thousand dollars in order to purchase a property to provide shelter and treatment to human trafficking youth victims in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Albuquerque is a hot spot for human trafficking and we receive a daily influx of requests for help from the local authorities besides homeless youth that comes into our drop-in center that operates in Albuquerque.

Funds will be used to purchase a property, modify it to serve the needs of the kids, and be able to serve as many kids as possible.

Any contribution counts. And if you can't contribute, we ask that you help us by engaging and sharing our content in social media, because every solution starts with the understanding of the problem. And right now, the majority of Americans do not see the size and the urgency of dealing with a problem happening right in their neighborhoods.

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